Jumping Pineapple began in 2009 as a creative outlet as I was a stay-at-home parent of two kids. I got the idea one day that if I could get them both down for naps at the same time in the afternoons, I should do something that I enjoyed that wasn't a chore! The first thing that came to mind was making baby shoes for my youngest from a pattern I bought before he was born. As soon as I finished the first pair and tried them on him I realized it needed some mods so they'd stay on his feet. I found a new pattern that had the features the first was missing and realized  my superpower of engineering something that has the most useful features. I started by listing a pair or two online and soon orders started coming in from babies all over the world!

I made hundreds of baby shoes, all the while feeling jealous I didn't have any for myself. My next move was making women's soft soled slippers, which quickly overtook my baby shoe sales. My baby model had grown too big to model new designs anyway, so it was just as well. I still make the women's slippers today as well as bags, purses and wallets. A couple of my favorite materials to use are cork (it's sustainable and made from a tree!) and waxed canvas.

This past year I ventured into learning to make hard soled shoes. I'm still in the learning and developing stage with those, so keep an eye out to see if those hit my shop one of these days!